About Us

PACAB (PA Consulting AB) is a product development company. We develop transportation security products for health and sick children. The company was founded by Pär Andersson in 2004 as a Sole Proprietorship which later went on to become a C-Corporation in 2012. In his work as paramedic, he discovered several problems with transportation of children. He then started his work with how to make the transport safer. PACAB is today developing and marketing safety products, designed to safely transport infants and children in medical environments by road and air.

Our vision is through strategic partnerships become a world leader in transport safety products for seriously ill infants and children.

Our products are uniquely designed and are patented world-wide. The first product is a docking station for child seats on ambulance stretchers. The development of the product Embrace bagin in spring 2009. Embrace transportation safety for neonates can be used for all the world’s incubators. Production ready in autumn 2012. For more information regarding our products, please read more on the products page.